Consumption Methods

Gaining the mental and physical benefits of cannabis is largely dependent upon how it’s consumed, with each method providing a unique experience and host of effects.

When consuming cannabis, one of the most important factors is the delivery method. With advances in product innovation, products are available to inhale,  ingest, absorb, and apply on your skin. Each method offers different dosage types and is crafted for different purposes. Talk with your certified dispensary associate to see which method would be best for you.

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INHALATION: Vaporized Flower, Oils & Extracts
When cannabis is inhaled, the gases enter the lungs before absorbing into the bloodstream.  A vaporizer produces a stream of vapor (not smoke) that is inhaled.

SUBLINGUAL: Tinctures & Sprays
Tinctures and sprays are a liquid cannabis extract used by consumers looking for dosage control and fast-acting effects without the health risks associated with smoking.  You can find tinctures with varying levels of THC per dose.

TOPICAL: Patches, Salves, Lotions & Oils
Topical effects differ from other methods in that anecdotal evidence suggests that they don’t provide the cerebral stimulation that users describe as “being high.” Because of this, topicals may be appropriate for consumers needing a clear head and localized relief (for example, muscle aches or soreness).

ORAL INGESTION: Capsules & Edibles
Eating or drinking cannabis provides significantly different effects from other delivery methods that immediately enter the bloodstream. It has been reported that orally ingested products have longer onsets and tend to cause powerful full-body, psychoactive effects depending on dosage.


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